I grew up in a high crime area on the south-side of the inner city in Houston, Texas.  A place where stories of how great an athlete could have been had he not been shot, turned to drugs, dropped out of school, or in the prison system are often shared.  A place where dreams battle with the fixation of a reality that's embedded deep in the mind of young children. The streets teach them that college is far fetched and can't be done.  The smart kid is raised in a home where no one can explain what's next after high school, so all of their knowledge goes to waste as manager of Wal-Mart. No disrespect to Wal-Mart, but he should've become an engineer easily.  Thank God I made it out, but now it's time to go back and help out.


Success stories are few and far in between in the inner city, and we want to turn our neighborhoods into a well oiled machine of success stories! The inner city is full of dreamers, but few mentors to guide them, and resources to enhance the learning experience by exposing them to life outside of the "hood."  

There are many problems that we are trying to solve:

high school dropout rate, high school graduation rate, college enrollment rate, college graduation rate, percentage of minorities in prison, and post high school technical/vocational certifications.  While we already have systems in place to mentor and do outreach, we need your help to accomplish our goals to provide college scholarships, college tours, community events, meals for tutorial programs, and fulfill our dream of building a community multipurpose facility.

You can assist us in fulfilling our mission. Your support is the key!

Would you consider donating whatever God places in your heart to help us achieve our mission?

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