Project 1 consist of creating tutorial programs with content specialist grades 6-12 to further assist the students with their course work.  This enrichment session will include a healthy meal.


We will mirror the current state of each teen to them.  This reflection will allow us to implement a strategy that either keeps them on the straight and narrow path towards success or detour them from the tumultuous hardship of failure. 

We will take them on college tours to inspire each teen to go to and graduate from college. 

We will expose them to alternative paths to success via technical/vocation schools.


We will instill the core principles of successful people.

We will inspire and motivate them to believe that success is not only relative, but also in reach.

We will invest in their future.

We will supply/equip them with tools to be successful.


Our goal is to provide services in inner city schools through out the Houston area. We will provide Community based events that embody the essence of the village uniting to pour into our kids. We will embrace the immediate needs of the community and work diligently to resolve issues that are within our control.  Our kids will also complete community service once a month.


As a former athlete and coach I understand the important role sports plays in the African American community.  I also understand that sports altered my focus from wanting to engage in criminal activity. Sure everyone is not going to be professional athletes, but the right coach can have a positive impact on a kids life. Therefore we will provides AAU basketball for males and females ages 9-17.



Our goal is to provide a safe haven for children, teens and adults.  A venue that allows us to house each project within the facility. We will have classrooms, ballrooms, and multi court gymnasium (for basketball, and volleyball​).

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